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Understanding Bullying

Bullying behavior has long been a part of our society.

The arrival of cyberbullying has heightened our awareness of the destructive behavior of all types of bullying. The damaging effects bullying has on all children involved has come into focus only in the last several decades. The burden of this damage is carried by us all. We can reduce bullying if we work together to show our children a positive way to live together.

Defining the problem

Definitions of bullying vary. This has led to debate about what bullying behavior is.

Most bullying is repeated and intentional behavior by a child or group of children that cause harm to another child. But there are exceptions:

  • The single random act of shoving a stranger into a locker
  • The single text filled with hurtful rumors from someone you hardly know

Bullying falls into a much larger category of "mean-spirited behavior." Not all mean behavior is bullying behavior. But all bullying behavior is mean.

The solution to the bullying problem lies in everyone working Together Against Bullying.

Parents, children, teachers, medical providers and all concerned citizens can make a difference by becoming involved in ways that prevent and reduce bullying.

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