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Changing Behavior

Change happens in small steps. With awareness, support and new skills, we can all change.

We can change by deciding not to bully others. We can change by becoming an upstander and supporting the victim of bullying. We can change by keeping calm. We can change by telling an adult. The responsibility for change can be shared by all of us in coming Together Against Bullying.

Becoming an upstander

Changing behavior upstander

Move from silence to action. Become someone who helps stop bullying when you see it happening.

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Family conversations

Changin behavior family conversations

Talking as a family can help children deal with difficult social situations like bullying. Kids are more likely to talk to you about these topics if they have been comfortably discussed before.

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Skills to help children with relationships

Changing behavior skills for children

Teaching children empathy and kindness early on can help them build successful relationships and prevent the harmful effects of bullying.

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Bullying self-assessment

Changing behavior self assessment

Have you engaged in bullying behaviors? Use this Bullying Self-Assessment to see if you need to make changes to how you act towards others.

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Bullying as an Adverse Childhood Experience

A sticky situation activity

Experiencing bullying behavior has long been associated with poor mental and physical health problems. Recently, researchers have sought to expand our understanding of the role of toxic stress on the developing brain of a child or adolescent.

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