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The following activities provide ideas and resources to teach children about:

  • How to deal with conflicts
  • How to be a good friend
  • How to show kindness
  • How to care for one another

Many of the activities are geared toward parents and children. Some activities can be adapted for larger groups.

Spiral mobile

Spiral mobile activity page

The Spiral Mobile activity is a creative way to help kids develop ideas about who they are and what is important to them.

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Family conversations

Family conversations activity page

Family Conversations! is an activity that makes it easier for parents to talk with their children. The conversations that follow allow family members to explore emotions and different points of view that relate to certain scenarios.

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Wrinkled paper

Wrinkled paper activity page

The Wrinkled Paper activity is a way to help children learn about their feelings and the feelings of others. A simple sheet of paper can help children learn how to see challenging life experiences from a different perspective.

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Pictures to stories

Pictures to stories activity

If a picture could tell a story, what would the story be? This activity involves sharing a picture with your child or children. The child views pictures that show people in various situations. These situations can generate possible explanations.

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Journal entry

Journal entry activity

Writing can be a great way for children to better understand the difficult social situations that they face. You can use the following writing activities at home or school to give them a chance to reflect on those experiences and share their feelings.

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A sticky situation

A sticky situation activity

Children face many challenges during their early school years. This activity helps promote problem-solving skills through drawing and writing.

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It's our issue together

Its our issue together activity

Teamwork can help a child learn how to solve a new and challening problem. This activity helps children learn that there may be more than one right way to solve a problem.

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You choose

You choose activity

The You Choose activity invites high school students to think about the consequences of some of the choices that they make related to bullying.

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Discussions activity

The Discussions activity gives children a chance to think about the decisions they make and makes them aware of the differences in opinion that may arise from an everyday situation.

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Word search

Word search activity

This Word Search activity improves a child's understanding of words related to bullying. Use this activity to spur conversation with your children or students.

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Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzles activity

These crossword puzzles help a child learn about words related to bullying. This activity can be a conversation starter for you and your children.

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Quizzes activity

These quizzes will test your family's knowledge about bullying-related topics and help you talk about difficult situations that your child may face.

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