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Family Conversations!

Family Conversations! is a way for parents to have conversations with their children.

Family Conversations Meanies
1 Would you rather walk away from someone who bullies or stand up to them? 2 What do you do if you see mean behavior at school? What do you see? 3 What happens at school if you behave kindly and responsibly to others? Who notices? 4 If you could make a cure for sadness, what would it be?

The questions that are posed in each of the cards range from silly to serious and creative to thoughtful. These questions and the conversations that follow create a family experience of communication with greater depth that allows all family members to explore emotions and different points of view. The questions, and the discussion that they will spark, provide you as the parent with insight into your child's thoughts, imagination, feelings and view of the world.

Each sheet of questions can be downloaded and made into a small deck of 9-10 cards. This deck can be useful for travel, dinner time, bed time or restaurant conversation with your children!

Be sure to share your own thoughts about the questions from these cards. Parents might want to consider answering questions first to model how they express their own thoughts, feelings and creativity!

Download Family Conversations! - Set 1

Download Family Conversations! - Set 2

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