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From Our Experts

Gundersen experts weigh in on a wide range of bullying topics.

Adverse Childhood Experiences: Where does bullying fit in?

ACEs represent serious problems impacting children inside the home, while bullying is one of many toxic stress experiences that most often takes place outside the home.

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Belonging matters

Jeff Reiland, MS, Child and Family Therapist, discusses the link between being bullied, social rejection and school shootings.

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Bullying vs. mean behavior

If you are unclear about what bullying is, you are not alone. Jeff Reiland, MS, Child and Family Therapist, offers his take on bullying versus mean behavior.

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Why do kids bully and what consequences should follow?

Bullying behavior in children has occurred for centuries, but the purpose has remained the same—power. Jeff Reiland, MS, Child and Family Therapist, explains why.

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Why labeling kids as bullies is bad

It is common to hear people refer to the child who engages in bullying behavior as a "bully." Using this word can have subtle but very important implications.

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