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Parent Involvement

When you first learned you were to become a parent, you may have been excited...and a little anxious about bringing a little person into the world.

As your child has grown, you have learned new tools to guide your child. Few issues cause more distress for parents than the uncertainty associated with bullying behavior. Dealing with bullying behavior is not something that parents anticipate and is not something that parents want their children to experience. The most effective bullying prevention programs have strong parent involvement. You can help prevent bullying with your child!

Part of parenting your child is showing them how to live with others. For children to thrive, they need skills for managing emotions, developing empathy, showing kindness and fostering friendship. These skills start at home. Learning these skills begins early in a child's life.

This website provides ideas for how to encourage the development of these skills.

  • Please use these ideas to talk with your children from preschool through their high school education.
  • Use these strategies to help nurture skills for empathy, kindness, friendship and emotional regulation to help your children to thrive.
  • Use this information to learn how to approach schools if you are concerned about bullying.

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