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Family Internet Guidelines

As family members, we are committed to keeping our family safe online when using electronic technologies.

Access to the Internet is an earned privilege.

Each family member should be accountable for certain rules and expectations.

As a family we will review this guideline regularly. We will also review these guidelines before introducing a new device or in response to a concerning incident involving a family member, a member of our friend group or the community.

Family rules

As parents and children or teens, we will:

  1. Use Internet technology responsibly so it does not interfere with our: 
    • Relationships
    • Family
    • Friends
  2. Monitor our own internet use so that it does not interfere with:
  3. Discuss times when the Internet is unavailable or off limits to each of our family members.
    • Dinner
    • Sleep
    • School
    • Work
    • Homework
    • Planned family time
  4. Not send messages, pictures or videos in anger. These can be hurtful or threatening to others.
  5. Not write or send anything to anyone using the internet or phones that we would not say face-to-face.
  6. Not take, send, post or forward pictures or videos of anyone online without that person's permission.
  7. Not take, send, post or forward inappropriate messages or pictures that are potentially hurtful or threatening. This includes:
    • A good rule to follow is: Would I show this to my family? If not, do not send!
      • Sexual words
      • Hurtful phrases
      • Potentially embarrassing pictures of ourselves or others
    • Not use the Internet or electronic devices when they interfere with:
      • Work
      • School
      • Homework
      • Chores
      • Family time
    • If I am told that my Internet use is disruptive, I will wait until a better time.
    • Discuss our Internet use regularly and adjust our use as we grow as a family.

Parent rules

As parents, we will:

  • Monitor, but not snoop on, our child's Internet use.

    We will routinely check on their activity if we are concerned. We will maintain administrator roles regarding technology in our family.

  • Be clear about times of use and access to the Internet in our home
  • Be fair and considerate in identifying consequences for infractions regarding Internet misuse
  • Be open to discussion with family members regarding additional Internet use and privileges. This discussion can occur when current rules are respected.
  • Not take privileges away from our children if they tell us they are the victims of bullying

Child or teen rules

As a child or teen, I will:

  • Be respectful of others on the Internet
  • Not share passwords or personal information such as date of birth or location with anyone
  • Respect and follow the times of Internet use and the limitations established by the school and my parents
  • Share my concerns about any bullying that I am experiencing online by talking with my parents
  • Not be at risk of losing computer privileges if I seek help for being a victim of bullying

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