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Feelings Dice Game Activity

Feelings Dice Game

Number of players: minimum of two

Objectives: To help children identify and express feeling words and facial expressions, understand their own experience of feelings, and recognize and respond to the feelings of others.

Discussion points for parents: The goal of this activity for young children is to increase their experience and comfort level with talking about feelings. What children learn is that everyone seems to have the same kinds of feelings. This activity can help children understand that most people have similar reactions to their feelings and to the feelings of others. This game can help children learn and practice skills for empathy and problem solving when they experience feelings that are difficult to manage.

This is a "game" with fairly loose rules. Parents and group members can adjust the rules of turn taking and what happens during each turn or round to fit the ages of the children and the time that is available to play.

Other game versions:

  • The person who rolls the dice goes first and every player in the group participates, answering the same question or doing the same activity before moving on.
  • Players share during their turn, and then they pick another person to share about their experience before moving to the next player.

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