This website provides:

  • Strategies for parents and children to prevent bullying.
  • Activities to reduce mean behavior while strengthening a child's understanding of kindness, empathy and friendship.

Understanding Bullying

Bullying behavior has long been a part of our society. The arrival of cyberbullying has heightened our awareness of the destructive behavior of all types of bullying. The damaging effects bullying has on all children involved has come into focus only in the last several decades. The burden of this damage is carried by us all. We can reduce bullying if we work together to show our children a positive way to live together.

Changing Behavior

Change happens in small steps. With awareness, support, and new skills, we can all change. We can change by deciding not to bully others. We can change by becoming an upstander and supporting the victim of bullying. We can change by keeping calm! We can change by telling an adult. The responsibility for change can be shared by all of us in coming Together Against Bullying.


Kids Being Mean: Recognizing and Responding to Social Bullying Presentation

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